Gratis verzending vanaf € 100 |  14 dagen bedenktijd

Gratis verzending vanaf € 100 |  14 dagen bedenktijd

Who Am I 

I am the maker and creator of Omalphalet, the founding father as is sometimes said.

I give shape to thoughts, which results in many outcomes.

Not only what you see on the site, but also be-sites. I am still developing, since Omalphalet is an ongoing process.

SIGNed by,

Oscar Bruggeman

Origin Omalphalet   

Coincidence does not excist, Omalphalet does.

What started in 2003 as a ‘game’, Omalphalet Experience, has evolved over the years into a total concept.  

Omalphalet is not just invented or taken out of thin air, but there is a thought and a story behind this. Since i don’t show the story there is only one way to find out. Take the first step yourself.

Notice: the story is only available in dutch

Mail o.v.v. the story

Story behind the sign 

The story behind the sign exists of to parts and is a pass on copy. This means that when you’re finished reading, or in possesion for 2 weeks at the latest, you send the story to the future reader.

First come, first served

When you sign up your name will be listed under the last person who has signed up.

Although there is a time-limit there can be made no promises about the time the story will arrive at your doorstep since there are only a few copies and many people.